Article Ideas, Blog Topics & Leads for Influencers

Writing ideas and leads for influencers
Make life easier with this list of writing ideas and leads for influencers. // Image by : Jess Bailey Designs ([email protected])

Working on your content calendar? Well, here’s a list that may help by giving you article ideas, topics for your blog posts and leads for influencers.

Celebrity News

Rapper T.I. is calling on insurance giant Lloyds of London to pay the descendants of slaves for funding, financing, and insuring the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

Demands include devoting 10% ownership to the descendants of slaves, offering a $1 million equity line credit to slave descendants, and board diversification.

Here are T.I.’s letters and petition and here’s a Forbes article with Lloyd of London’s reply.


HXOUSE, an arts incubator co-founded by the The Weeknd, launched Black HXOUSE, which is dedicated to honing and advancing the ideas and initiatives of BIPOC creatives. And TD Bank Group signed on as a founding sponsor.


Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford formed a taskforce to fight child food poverty and it includes some of the UK’s biggest names in food.


Kim Kardashian tried to bring awareness to the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The two countries are now at war and “have suffered their worst losses in four years.”

Does anyone care to help shine some light on this?


Selena Gomez owns ice cream after buying a stake in Serendipity Brands and Serendenity3 Restaurants.

And Serendipity is launching a new flavor, Cookies & Cream Remix, on August 28 inspired by the single “Ice Cream” from BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez.

Are You Into Food Content?

The rapper-turned-chef behind Vegan Mob restaurant discusses plant-based eating in black communities and meat’s masculinity problem.


Meanwhile, Lightlife launched the Clean Break campaign telling Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods “enough with the hyper-processed ingredients, GMOs, unnecessary additives and fillers, and fake blood.”


The UK has declared a war on obesity that includes measures such as banning some ads before 9 p.m.

And Mexico wants to crack down on selling junk food to kids.

Government leaders in both countries believe there’s a link between obesity and the coronavirus. And restrictions they place on traditional marketing for food companies could create more opportunities for influencers.


Researchers are trying to making to make milk chocolate more healthy by adding food waste, like peanut skins, coffee grounds and discarded tea leaves.


Carl’s Jr. and Nocking Point Wines introduced a limited edition Steakhouse Burger Box.

It includes bottle of wines, a Carl’s Jr. Gift Card for its Steakhouse Angus THICKBURGER, and recipes.

And Carl’s Jr.  is trying to promote the via social media.


Beef + Lamb New Zealand launched Angus beef sampler boxes online and is investing in influencers, foodies and content creators to develop recipes with the sampler products.

On a more serious note…

China reported that frozen chicken imported from Brazil tested positive for coronavirus contamination.

But the WHO followed up by reiterating that, “people should not fear food, or food packaging or processing or delivery of food.”

Journalists, food writers, science writers, ANYBODY, can we please get some  straight FACTS on what’s know about COVID-19 on food?

What In the World?

In the UK, sheep farmer Nigel Wright was convicted of lacing jars of baby food with razor-sharp metal shards to blackmail Tesco, a supermarket chain.


Once it was a crime to possess U.S. currency in Cuba, but now, with a cash crisis ensuing, the country has opened 72 “dollar stores” that only accept U.S. currency.

According to The Guardian, the last time the country opened dollar stores was in 1993.


In Germany,  researchers hosted a coronavirus trial concert with a live performance by Tim Bendzko to test how the coronavirus would spread at a real event. Results are expected in 4 to 6 weeks.


Toronto Police Service may have to pay between $5,000 and $24,700 each to nearly 1,100 protestors nabbed in a mass arrest during the G20 summit in 2010.

The matter goes before the Ontario Superior Court on October 19.


Fashion mogul Peter Nygard is already facing sex trafficking allegation and now he’s being sued by his sons, who claim their dad arranged sex for them while they were underage.

Talking Business?

Trump International Hotel in Vancouver shut down permanently as its operator pursues bankruptcy.

I wonder what other Trump properties have closed or filed for bankruptcy below the radar.


Workers at Maple Leaf’s meat plant in Brandon, Canada want a two-week shutdown and testing for workers after 70 employees contracted the coronavirus.

But the company’s is like they didn’t get that virus in here; they got it out in the community so we ain’t closing shit. And the company has the audacity to say health authorities said the plant has already gone beyond what it’s required to do.

Someone needs to shine light on these companies that are jeopardizing their workers for revenue.


Restaurants and bars are more likely to rehire laid off workers if they sell alcohol to go.

And there’s overwhelming public support for take-away alcohol with 75% to 80% of people in favor of making temporary cocktail-to-go legislation permanent.


Rent the Runway is permanently closing all retail stores and adjusting its business model.


The RealREal is facing a lawsuit of nearly $600,000 for unpaid construction costs.


Speaking of leads for influencers, W magazine will live on thanks to new investors.

Those investors include editor-in-chief Sara Moonves, model and Project Runway host Karlie Kloss, Cindy Crawford’s 18-year-old supermodel daughter Kaia Gerber, race car driver Lewis Hamilton, and producer Jason Blum.

The new chapter for W could create new opportunities for photographers, writers and influencers, especially if you jump on it early.


Research suggest journalists are facing mental health issues from covering COVID-19.

And that makes you wonder how journalists are holding up while covering protests and the social justice issues.


The Japanese social media platform 141Live is planning to launch in Europe and America this month.

And since it’s geared toward influencers, it may need help from influencers to spread the word.


Yes, Kellyanne Conway will leave the White House and George Conway is withdrawing from the Lincoln Project.

But did you know their daughter 15-year-old Claudia Conway claims she’s trying to leave the family by way of emancipation.


Michigan will pay $600 million to settle claims for the Flint water crisis.

Under the terms, it’s proposed that 80% of money go to children who were exposed to lead in their drinking water.

A Lil Something For The Lifestyle Creatives

Mars Wrigley announced TREAT TOWN a digital trick-or-treating experience that lets you claim candy from stores, online or both.


Lifestyle bloggers, society magazine Tatler released “The new rules of social engagement” for U (aka upper class).

According to the list, cheating, dogs on the bed, sharing lipstick and hot tubs on skiing holidays are OUT!

A chest freezer, doing your own nails, Zoom calling your therapist, live-in staff and keeping chickens are IN!


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