Bloggers & Sex Crimes In The Middle East : Podcast

bloggers & sex crimes
Find out what’s going on abroad in Bloggers & Sex Crimes In The Middle East.

Bloggers & Sex Crimes in the Middle East digs into the story of Cynthia Ritchie, an American blogger claiming rape and assault in Pakistan.

And she isn’t making allegations against an ordinary citizen. She’s accusing a political figure, and she’s determined to fight for justice.

Plus, this episode discusses Mohamed al-Bokari, who is now serving a prison sentence in Saudi Arabia for charges including imitating women. (Did you know that was a crime?)

And that may not be the worst of it for al-Bokari.

Listen to find out why human rights activists are concerned about what lies ahead for this blogger and hear what got him in trouble in the first place.

Episode: Bloggers & Sex Crimes in the Middle East

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Show Notes:


  • DW interview with Cynthia Ritchie
  • Voice of America interview with Cynthia Ritchie
  • Gulf News report on Ritchie’s deportation
  • NBC News reports on Al-Bokari
  • Human Rights Watch post regarding Al-Bokari and his treatment
  • Al-Monitor covers Al-Bokari

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