Music Industry’s COVID-19 Donations + More Article Suggestions

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What’s The Music Industry Doing To Help With COVID-19?

Why not create a real good, feel-good slideshow or listicle? If you’re a journalist, why not investigate whether celebrity aid is going where it’s supposed to?

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What About Employee Relations?

Well, Shipt reduced its shoppers’ canceled order pay to a low as .29 cents  and claimed it was an error. But to correct it, the company set a flat rate for canceled orders that is still less, on average, than it previously paid.

Then, this week, Shipt workers threatened to walk-off the job, which prompted the company to announce some changes, but workers say it isn’t enough.

And remember the Amazon worker who got fired after leading a strike in NY? Well, a group of Congressmen have questions about that.

And, OSHA is investigating complaints that Amazon isn’t doing enough to stop the spread of the coronavirus at a facility in Pennsylvania.

Waitrose, a British grocery chain, was requiring workers to make up time off to care for sick family members. But that “time bank” policy got some public attention and the company said they “got it wrong” and started offering paid leave.

Royal Mail isn’t providing  proper protection for workers in sorting offices, according to the Communication Workers Union. And the coronavirus has already claimed some postal workers’ lives.

And while we’re on the subject of Royal Mail…

One of its workers allegedly wiped his nose on his hand and smeared it around the outside of someone’s home. Here’s the video.

If you’re convinced, why not write about how trifling folks can be and the need for extra caution whether people are around or not?

Apparently, Safety Just Isn’t A Thing For Everybody…

An Illinois mayor ordered a crackdown on stay-at-home violations. On Sunday, at about 1 a.m., police busted his wife at a party .

In Ohio, Rashaan Davis, a young and dumb 25-year-old, livestreamed a party  and made it clear they “don’t give a f@$k about this coronavirus.” But police do give a f#!k, and they arrested him.

And clearly, stupidity withstands the test of time. A 55-year-old named Stephan Fanelli was arrested in Florida for fighting a female cashier who asked him to respect social distancing.

I’m sure you can continue compiling a list of coronavirus outlaws. It could be entertaining and enlightening.

If you’re into controversial topics…

Louis CK released a new standup comedy special that includes jokes related to his sexual misconduct scandal. Here’s what Variety, Deadline and Slate said. Wanna say your piece?

Pharma Bro, the fraudster whose real name is Martin Shkreli, wants a 3-month furlough from prison to help develop coronavirus drugs. And although he’s being sued for a scheme to jack up a drug 4000% in a day, but he doesn’t think companies should profit from coronavirus treatments.

Dr. Drew apologized for making foolish statements like the probability of dying of coronavirus was less than being hit by an asteroid.

And he’s not the only one to backtrack…

Canada’s chief public health officer reversed course on wearing masks, now claiming it’s a “sensible thing to do.” Yet, at the end of March, she was making comments like “there is no need to use a mask for well people.”

What’s Up With Our Food?

Seafood prices tumbled with the market for big-money items, such as scallops and lobster “pretty much nonexistent.”

Panera Bread has lost half its sales, so now it’s trying to sell groceries.

Milk dumping? No it’s not an Instagram challenge. It what happens when farmers can’t move their product, and it’s happening in the U.S. and Canada.

The milk industry wants government help and submitted a Milk Crisis Plan to the USDA.

Meanwhile, 40% of shoppers said after visiting two stores there were items they couldn’t find.  But in Florida, thousands of acres of produce are being plowed over or left to rot and France  is drowning in excess wine.

There are other surpluses. Tell us about them and tell us what’s going on, especially since we’re at a point where…

USDA felt the need to launch Meals for K ids, an interactive map to help people find sites offering free food for children.

And let’s not forget sex…

Couples say stay-at-home orders have reignited their dull sex  lives.

If Danes have to stay at home they’re like we’re gonna do it with sex toys. Sales have more than doubled.

And sex workers who generally rely on person-to-person transactions are moving their businesses online.

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